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BAD HABITS started from hearing the word authentic and not seeing authenticity, just more pretense.

Everybody wants to change the world (with inspirational quotes by the look of things) but here at BAD HABITS we believe change happens when people are honest. We think discussion is a great way to get to know ourselves and others so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to design interesting conversation starters for you. All you have to do is turn up. And own your shit.

How validating would it be to see someone else on the street who’s also OK with themselves and with you?

You are, after all, not defined by your BAD HABITS. You just own them.




Annelies Hofmeyr is a conceptual artist that grew up in South Africa in the 80s. She has a habit of being white and other people consider that bad so she went to go live in a few other countries. Annelies currently lives in Australia where she can practice being white without too much repercussion. Her days are mostly spent thinking about Identity. Facilitating discussion is one of Annelies' main interests as she believes this to be an effective way to get to know others and ourselves. 

Trophy Wife Barbie is an Instagram Influencer and hell-bent on keeping shit real. At times Annelies lives vicariously through her and other times the randomness can be surreal. Trophy Wife Barbie uses her plastic nature to circumvent censorship and talk about things she's passionate about: stereotypes, the limitations of labels and other things people don't typically like talking about. Trophy Wife Barbie gives zero fucks.